Poetry and Paintings

The impetus for my business began with my paintings and poetry. When I paint I always start with a wood cradle board and venetian plaster. A color usually pops into my head and I am off. The flower series was all done in pastel and watercolor whereas for the other series I have used oil, found objects and poems. The images in the work usually find their way into my jewelry designs. No matter what work I do, my intention remains to communicate the connection to one another, which in its essence is communicating the connection to Life itself.  This communication is my passion.

This page works like this: the paintings scroll bar at the far right will take you through the paintings series. If a particular poem goes with a particular painting it will be indicated. The poetry section lists the poems by title. I have included this page to show you how a little idea blossomed into a business.

If you would like more information please email us at: info@amyconway.com

Conway-mountains_magical_cropped Cast_away_long_shadows Endless_grace Trees Fragile_heart Reconciliation Be_your_truth Words_on_air Grace Tribute_to_venice Cara_stefania All_that_i_love Locked_in_locked_out The_innermost_shrine Fear_of_faith I_live_in_the_knowing Peacock_tracks Fear_in_myself_faith_in_mys Slipping_thru_the_keyhole Flowering_tree Freedom Simple_truth_2 Golden_dreams The_dream Sunset_rays Hummingbird Pearl The_release Allium Moment_of_distraction Cup_of_life Precious_jewel Standing_above_the_clouds My_path_before_me Flower_mandala Safety_of_truth Looking_back Simple_truth_1