Tools of the Trade

My jewelry often begins in an ethereal way. Coming to me either in a dream or after an afternoon of sketching. Bringing it to life, on the other hand, is an extremely labor-intensive craft comprised of equal parts science, art and alchemy. To give each piece the level of depth and finish I seek we employ the lost wax method of casting, a technique dating back some 4,000 years. To ensure the highest craftsmanship, each and every piece is then washed, filed, and polished all by hand. Incidentally, these are highly skilled hands, belonging to trained artisans. If you were holding one of my pieces now, you would see a depth and dimensionality you don’t often find with silver. You would also feel a perfectly balanced weight in your hand, yet another confirmation that these pieces are heirloom quality. Beyond fashion they have been fashioned. Each and every one a timeless expression of art, dedication and love. From me to you.